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2016 & Earlier

Happy February Everyone!

Some news for both Cliff  and Shadows fans with this Bulletin……….

Nice release here for April…yes sorry guys April! “Expresso Bongo” on DVD and Bluray within the same box, indeed you read that right you get the DVD AND Bluray housed within this box. This film has been out more than once on DVD but this is its first outing on Bluray. We are lead to believe that this version is the longest/full version and that seems to be the case when we compare the length to the Prism release from 2005. Don’t get me wrong though it isn’t a huge time difference. Since the problems that we faced with Cliffs DVD having the wrong Region Code on the sleeve we will forever be sceptical of what’s written on the sleeve now until we check it ourselves, however this one states Region 2 and we have not been told anything to the contrary. We have a confirmed price at 14.99 + shipping and you are able to PRE-Order it now.

Talking of Cliff Blurays, currently we are in the process of trying to secure a shipment of the Bluray version of Cliffs “75th Birthday” concert only available in Australia. Sadly the company in the UK that released the DVD are still adamant they won’t release it in a Bluray format  however an overseas company has secured the rights to release one and they will be released in the middle of April. If we can secure a deal direct with the company that will be brilliant so all we can say is watch this space!

We have recently taken stock of three CDs by the brilliant Counterpoint. If you are keen followers of the Pipeline Magazine and you have maybe attended the past Pipeline gatherings then you will probably recognise their name. Counterpoint performed at the 2013 Pipeline and their CD ‘Blast From The Past’ featured on a good few of Pipelines recommendation charts. ‘Blast From The Past’ features Bob Spalding from The Ventures and the ex Charades guitarist Hannu Kononen.    Phil Dirt from Reverb gave Counterpoints ‘Hot Rod’ CD an impressive 4 star so it shows they are not a one trick pony!  If you would like to take a listen to their CDs we have soundbites for ‘Hot Rod’ , ‘Blast From The Past’ and ‘Now And Then’ on our website….sadly the soundbites won’t work on tablets or mobiles, I am lead to believe.

Not sure if many of you have been aware of the wonderful series of CDs called Nordic Guitar but if you are then you will know that 14 was the most recent release. We are due to get Volume 14 into stock soon along with all their past volumes too. You’ll certainly recognise some of the artists / groups that feature on the Nordic Volumes like Tasty…..

Great to see Roger Paulsson’s Volume 7 is now in stock and available with or without Tabs. This CD of Rogers contains the following tracks.LUCKY LIPS, LIVING DOLL,.PRETTY WOMAN, JUST WALK ON BY, BUT I DO,  GOLDEN EARRINGS*, HIGH NOON*, INTO THE LIGHT*, IN A PERSIAN MARKET, SLEEP WALK (NEW VERSION). The tracks marked with a * are not included in the Tabs set. Price 13.99 GBP + Shipping CD ONLY…. 17.99 GBP + Shipping CD and TABS together.

A couple of Cliff related bits now:

So great to see Cliff is headlining at Sommerfestivalen in Faroe Islands (Denmark) on 4th August 2016 - and - Vejle By The Park, Vedelsgade, Denmark on 6th August 2016. So good to see he is on the move again. :) Maybe he will get an offer from Glastonbury so he can headline there one year!!

Tickets for Sommerfestivalen, Faroe Islands are on-sale now:

By phone via the Tourist Information Centre: Tel. 00 298 456939 (from other countries +298 456939) This ticket gives you 3 day festival access, one day tickets may only be purchased at the gate on the day) Or book online via this link:

Tickets for Vejle By The Park will go on sale on Thursday 18th February at 10:00am (European time).


On Tues 23/8/16 Cliff will be doing a Wine Signing event at his Adega Vineyard in the Algarve, Portugal.


Good to hear Bruce Welch on the Suzi Quatro Show – Quatrophonic - on BBC Radio 2 last Mon (15th Feb). We have popped a link on our Facebook page so people can listen to it. Get in touch if you would like to hear it but are unable to.


Stylus have two releases so far this month…Hot Pastrami featuring the Mustangs and the Dartells and also  Kiwi Instrumentals Volume 2.     9.99 each + shipping.


We also have three Ace releases now in stock. Two great Fireball CDs ‘Torquay / Campusology’ and the super limited Fireballs  ‘Exotic Guitars’,    and one personal favourite Takeshi (Terry) Terauchi and the Bunny’s ‘Nippon Guitars’. We have soundbites on our website so why not take a listen – soundbites sadly won’t work on most Tablets.


Two brilliant New Release for March from the ever popular Rock History label are Come Outside: Parlophone Label 2CD Set and A Picture of You : Piccadilly Label 2 CD Set.  Check out our website for track information or ring us for a ‘flyer’. 9.99GBP each set + Shipping.


Highnote are releasing 2 CDs from their EP Collection Series and we will be stocking both. The first is Johnny & The Hurricanes ‘Extended Play – EP ‘ CD and the second is the Champs ‘Extended Play – EP’ CD again for full track information please take a look at our website.


For those of you that didn’t know about this, a Blue Plaque was unveiled by Bruce Welch on the 7th February at Lauderdale Mansions, Maida Vale, London in recognition of where Tony Meehan lived. The unveiling was followed by lunch - It was a memorable event and people like Clem Cattini the Tornados drummer were also there.    During the afternoon music was provided by The Rapiers.   So now both Jet and Tony have blue plaques commemorating their place in musical history.

Still no news on the release of Cliff’s “Rock n Roll” Vol.2 CD or Hank’s next gypsy jazz CD.   As soon as details become available we will let everyone know.

Nice to see sales of Julian May and Ernie Lamprell’s CDs doing nicely. We have two in stock ‘You’re Only Young Once ‘and ‘Give Me Time’, we have added some soundbites to them if you fancy a listen. As ever Ernie’s playing is quite brilliant which gives the overall mood of the CD and Julian’s voice is spot on as Cliffs. There is a mix of vocal and instrumental on Give Me Time along with one track featuring Richard Langstone and You’re Only Young Once also features Richard on one track.   Price: 9.99 GBP + shipping.

Just heard from Lakeside, Frimley, Camberley, that they are planning another Shadows Music Celebration for this September again but no other news or date yet.   It’s seems it’s a question of getting groups availability sorted out.   As soon as something is confirmed they will let us know… watch this space.

Have a great weekend everyone….

Juliette, Pat, James, John and the Leo’s Team


January 2016

Happy January everyone!


Ok so it is almost Feb but we’ve just got in before January has ended!


‘Thank you’ to you all for the phenomenal amount of sales we had for Brian's excellent CD “Shadowing John Barry”. It does go to show that when these guys get their insecure moments and say 'would anyone really want another CD from me?' the answer is most definitely ‘OF COURSE WE DO’ and sales backed that up. At the time of writing this Brian’s CD is still exclusive to us and we were and are eternally grateful for that opportunity. In a world where Amazon is king it was awesome to see little old us being favoured by an artist and supplier. It's always such a bonus when the album you are promoting is worth the hype too. So this CD gave us a great end to 2015 and start 2016. I can't imagine from sales that there are many of you guys that don't own this CD, but if you don't and would like one it is called “Shadowing John Barry” and is 9.99 GBP + worldwide shipping. REMINDER it features one track with The Shadows.  


Brian's book is due sometime this year; sadly we don't have a month yet. Brian is already on his next project, he was asked to do the music for the Manolo Blahnick documentary. You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know who fantastic Manolo is but I’m sure any shoe fan would. The documentary is about the man himself and his incredible life with shoes…… Fender is to guitars as Manolo is to Shoes!


So this year finally sees a clean slate as all the overdue releases that were constantly delayed are now out. This includes....


“Cliff Richard (& The Shadows) Milestones Of A Legend” - a great 10CD set including so many tracks and bonus tracks, please see our website for the huge amount of track details. 

Price: 12.99 + worldwide shipping.     (Import)


“Hank - Complete Guitar Solo Recordings from 82 – 95”,  5-CD set - as ever this set contains some great albums and they added Nivram with Mark Knopfler as a bonus track, there is also a nice little booklet all encased in a 'clam shell' box.   It was pointed out to us that a printing error has occurred and that is that “Janine” is on the first CD but “Bad Cop” is printed on the sleeve. We have pointed this out to Demon but I doubt little will be done. We assumed that the 'masters' for Hanks ‘2 on 1 ‘ release were used instead of the two original CDs individually...who knows for sure though! This nice 5 CD set with booklet is 12.99  + worldwide shipping.


“Cliff Richard & The Shadows EPs & Singles 58-62” , 4CD set. This CD was incredibly tricky to source but it was worth the effort 90 brilliant tracks for 10.99 + worldwide shipping. (Import)


“Absolutely Cliff” - this is the fab follow up 3CD set to the “The Shadows Absolutely” CD from 2014.      Price : 4.99 + worldwide shipping.    Limited stock


A new CD and DVD that we happily chose to stock is from the rather brilliant The Sounds group. The Sounds are a Finnish group from 1963 that had huge success in their native country and Japan. Probably their most well known track is “Emma” which is still played on the radio today. The Sounds have released this CD 'Rock Jerry' overseas and they kindly allowed us to Import it. This CD comes with 6 instrumental tracks and 5 vocal tracks.    Also due soon a ‘Live’ DVD – just check out the web site……

These guys are currently touring and you will no doubt have seen them and Tasty on the same bill. We will pop some sound bites on our website so you can have a listen. Price: 12.99 + worldwide shipping


Due within the next 7 – 10 days is Roger Paulsson’s 7th backing track volume exclusively for us. As I'm sure most of you are aware Roger has an excellent series of Backing Tracks (Vols. 1 – 6) that he put together exclusively for us.  We are able to offer all Tabs for all six volumes, (Vol.7 tabs not yet ready) ….please do note that Roger’s Tabs do not come with chords and notation just numbers.

These Backing Track CDs are 17.99 GBP including Tabs + worldwide shipping or 13.99 GBP + worldwide shipping on their own without Tabs.


For those of you that haven't, you must check out the Epitones last two CDs “Blue Heaven” and “Strativarius”- both come with a Backing Track CD included! And for those of you that do know of them and like them you will be pleased to know there is a new album coming. Stuart Cosgrove from Epitones is a fantastic player and we have added a couple of examples of this on our Facebook page. They are clips taken from the new CD which is due soon called “Eclectric Guitars!”   We will let you know a date and price as and when we get them.


Added to our website the other day were two more Japanese Imports, one from Cliff and one from The Shadows.   Both are Greatest Hits CDs but well worth a look and come complete with Japanese sleeves. Please note stock of these CDs is sporadic. We will be adding more Japanese Imports as and when we can source them. I think the next one due here is a Nokie Edwards release.


As ever the super Trev Faull and his Stylus label have a couple of new releases for January, these include “1960s Rock N Roll Guitar Instros From South Africa Vol 3”, “Rock Twist and Twang” with Steve Douglas &The Rebels, The Raiders, Al Casey and more. Price: 9.99 each + worldwide shipping.     If you have access to our website and are keen to see all Stylus releases, simply pop the word Stylus into the search bar and it will bring up all the artists and compilations that we stock on that label.


Another couple of releases that may have slipped past you in the chaos of Christmas...

Peter William’s latest CD which is Vol 2 of his Jukebox Favourites called ‘Hello Mary Lou’, Volume 1 was called ‘Poetry In Motion’. “Hello Mary Lou” comes with 22 tracks all mixed in Memphis.      Price 10.99 each + Worldwide Shipping.

The lovely Kay Das also had a release recently and that was called “Sweet Sound Of Beautiful”. As always Kay Das does a wonderful job on the steel guitar and captures some beautiful tracks with his own style. Price 9.99 + Worldwide shipping.

We have soundbites of these releases on our website. 


Finally UB HANK Volume 1 is repressed and back in stock. 16.50 GBP+ Worldwide shipping.   Remember backing tracks only - no lead.


If you would like these updates mailed to you simply (and you’re not already on our list) just let us know and we will add you to the ‘mailing’ list.   Also if there is anyone in the UK who does not have access to a computer, on receipt of several  s.a.e's we can always mail out printed copies to you.


We are much looking forward to the delights of 2016! Thank you as always for reading and listening.


Juliette, James , Pat and John The Leos Team

December 2015


Happy December Everyone..........and SEASON’S GREETINGS TO YOU ALL




Just a brief few words about releases as usual, and you’ll also find details below of the last Christmas posting dates and our Office hours over the Christmas and New Year !


Let’s begin with the new Brian Bennett CD “Shadowing John Barry”.   The sales of Brian Bennett’s new album have been phenomenal! I’m sure most, if not all of you, who ordered the CD will agree that it is a brilliant album which has been worth the wait. “The Appointment”  track which includes Hank and Bruce joining Brian  has proven to be a most popular track of course. Many of you have emailed us with your own thoughts on the album and its production, all of which have been passed on to Brian.    Remember this CD is currently exclusively available from Leo’s Den.

Great to see the Cliff DVD showed up unexpectedly early, which gave us the perfect opportunity to ship all orders out so they arrived on time (pending Royal mail etc).  Just as I write this Bulletin I hear that it has gone to No. 1 in one of  the DVD music charts.  The DVD contains a great 20 mins worth of ‘behind the scenes’ footage which shows interviews with Cliff and various members of his team.  I must mention again the fact that the DVD is listed as Region 2, but that is not the case and is actually a mistake. The DVD is Region free and plays on nearly all DVD players. Sadly I am not sure about compatibility with some equipment such as laptops or computers but usually they allow you to alter the Code setting.


Unfortunately there have been yet more release date changes, more notably “Milestones of a Legend” and “Absolutely”, both Cliff (and Shadows) releases.    These are on their 4th/5th release date change.   Pleased to say “Milestones” has finally arrived (Release date 11th December) and the current status is January for “Absolutely.    Full track information on our web site.

We also now have a release date of 15th January 2016 for Hank’s 5 CD set “Guitar Solos”. The set contains 5 CDs and a 4,500 word booklet, the albums included are the slightly rarer albums ‘Words and Music’ and ‘All Alone With Friends’,  the other albums in the set are ‘Hank Plays Cliff’ , ‘Into The Light’, ‘Heartbeat’. This set with full track information is currently on our website for pre-order, the price will be 12.99 GBP + shipping.

A nice Import release  is Cliff (& The Shadows) ‘Singles and EPs 58-62’. A 4 CD set with 90 digitally remastered tracks in a fold-out card sleeve, yet another triumph for the Real Gone Label. 10.99 + shipping.    Contents as it says in the title, so as you will understand too many to list here, but as usual all are on our web site.

Peter Williams’ new CD is now available “Hello Mary Lou” (part of Peter’s Juke Box Favourites series), Full track listing on the web site and now to order at 10.99 GBP + shipping.  Peter’s album contains 22 popular jukebox favourites all performed instrumentally including “Wind Beneath My Wings”. “You Were Always On My Mind” (the Crispian St. Peters song) “Silence is Golden” and “Do You Want to Know A Secret” plus another I must mention “Juliet” (Four Pennies).  We also have in stock various other Peter Williams CDs including his tributes to Elvis, Roy Orbison, Billy Fury, Del Shannon, so again check out our web site.

There are two more titles from the popular Rock History label now in stock.    Great compilations - “That’ll Be the Day – 5 Dozen Dodgy British Cover Versions” and “Chicago Calling – The Roots of British Blues”.   Again two more to check out for titles…..the first one mentioned sounds intriguing.

From the Stylus label we have some  new offerings:     “Introducing the UK Columbia Label Vol.3  (63-64)” (various artists)……… “Introducing the UK Parlophone Label  Vol.3 (62-63)” (various artists),  and how about “60 Awesome Argentinian Guitar Instrumentals “ volume 4 in the Stylus South American series.   Again lots from Stylus to check out on our web site with some rare instro recordings from around the world

Another CD we’ve also just received is a tribute to the music of John Barry - "The Early Years".   It is a compilation of titles performed by various artists.   On looking at the tracks we didn’t realise that John Barry had been involved with so many of these recordings.   The CD also includes a couple of recordings John made for the Chappell Music Library.      You’ll find details in our Other Artists listing.

A release to look forward to in the New Year for the guitarists amongst you,  Roger Paulsson  is producing a new backing track CD for us – Volume 7.    When we get confirmation of the titles we will include all the details in the Backing Track section on our web site.   As usual they will comprise of lead as well as backing track.


As we always mention, please remember to check out all the sections on our web site as you can find some great gems amongst our stock that you probably never knew existed.


Now to the Christmas posting dates (*)………..the last dates that Royal Mail is recommending to reach overseas and the UK are as follows…..

EU Countries:   Wed  16th Dec     Countries ROW/Outside EU:  Tues  15th Dec       UK:    Fri 18th  Dec.


(*)Sadly I must add, due to the unpredictability of the postal system they will not guarantee delivery in time for the 24th Dec but we will always ship out orders on the same day or next day depending on the time of day that we receive your order  – this is excluding Weekends when we have no collection.


As usual we will be taking our annual holidays over the Christmas and New Year.   We will be closing Mid-day on Christmas Eve (24th December) and returning on Monday 4th January 2016 when our postal services resume.      Orders can still be placed and messages will be monitored during this time.    If you telephone an answering service will be in operation so you can leave a message and someone will call you back.

Goodbye for now!     We will be in touch again before Christmas I am sure.

November 2015



Hello everyone and Happy November!

Hope you all survived the exciting events of October, I just about did!


Let's start with something really exciting! Brian Bennett's long awaited "Shadowing John Barry" CD is going to be available in advance of the Official release date direct from us. Brian got in touch and said where better to do a pre release than with Leo's Den as this is where the Shadows fans are! This means that ahead of next year's release date we will be selling Brian's new CD featuring The Shadows, Mark Knopfler, Peter Frampton, Mark Griffths, Warren Bennett, Ray Russell, John Parricalli, Brian Locking.

There will be 14 tracks on the CD.


"Milestones" 10 CD box set. Some of you may have seen the note I added to our website regarding the status of this popular item on the 2nd Nov.

Basically the label that is releasing this title has had to delay it and have a rethink as the back cover of the set breeches EMI's copyright. The label have got all the stock and are ready to ship to the UK distributor but currently can't do this until everyone is happy. So while this is taking place a delay has occurred as this won't be put right within a week. We have been told by our UK distributor that there is a chance this release may be pulled completely but of course the Label are keen not to have this happen as all the stock has been produced. Leo's Den has made it clear to both parties that we have  a large number of pre-orders and would love stock whether it comes from the UK distributor or direct from the Label in Germany. Until this is sorted we are 'sitting ducks'!   Please  note that if you have paid for this title by Paypal we are happy to either swap, credit or refund your payment if you would rather  not wait for the outcome.   If you provided card details then you won't have been charged and we won't submit your order for processing  until we actually receive the stock. We will keep you informed as and when we get details but both Distributor and Label are keeping us informed.

***Update new release date sorted - see product page***



Cliff's Birthday Tour DVD is still scheduled for release on the 27th of this month. As we speak there is to be no Blu-ray of this concert.   We have updated our site with the confirmed cover shot.   The Region for the disc is 0 and we are waiting for confirmation of any Special Features*.   Initially we know that the DVD label were hoping to add an  'extra feature' so we're keeping our fingers crossed.  You can pre-order this now via our web site shopping cart:

* Behind the scenes 20min documentary.

Talking of Cliff there is a 3 CD set due for release on the 27th Nov. The CD is from the same series/record company  that released  The Shadows "Absolutely" 3 CD set that was incredibly popular. The price is 4.99 GBP + shipping, not bad for 3CDs!     

60 tracks including "I Wake Up Crying", "Shame on You",  "Outsider", "How Long is Forever", all titles available to view and order on our web site.


Peter Williams's new instrumental guitar CD is on its way -  "Hello Mary Lou (Juke Box Favourites)" .  Please see our website for a cover shot but here are the tracks with the names of the original recording artists in brackets.

 Young Girl (Gary Puckett), You Were On My Mind (Crispian St. Peters) Blue Angel (Gene Pitney), Try A little Kindness ( Glen Campbell),I Love You (Cliff Richard) Silence Is Golden (The Tremeloes),Wind Beneath My Wings (Joe Longthorne), I'm Gonna Be Strong (Gene Pitney),I'm Losing You (Paul Carrack),She Wears My Ring (Solomon King),A Little Bit More (Dr Hook), Juliet (The Four Pennies),Reason To Believe (Glen Campbell), Do You want To Know a Secret (Billy J. Kramer),Release Me (Englebert Humperdinck),Woman, Sensuous Woman (Don Gibson),Sunny Afternoon (The Kinks) ,Bad To Me (Billy J. Kramer),To Know Him Is To Love Him (Peter & Gordon),Stranger On The Shore (Acker Bilk),Galveston (Glen Campbell),Hello Mary Lou (Gene Pitney).


We now have  a fab new Kay Das CD in stock "Sweet Sound Of Beautiful". Kay Das has various titles available through us and they all show his Steel Guitar playing off beautifully. Here are the tracks on this new release:

 Something, Here There And Everywhere, Yesterday, When You Say Nothing At All, She Thinks I Still Care, Blue Side Of Lonesome, I Know One, Waikiki Moon, Song Of Old Hawaii, Moonlight Lady, Hawaiian Lullaby, E ho'i i Kapili, Tahitian Skies, Sweet Sound Of Beautiful, Green Dolphin Street, Love Letters In The Sand, Stingray, Blue Star, Lucky Lips, Summer Love 59, Travelin Light.   Price: 9.99 GBP + Shipping and available to order through our website.


Ernie Lamprell and Julian May have given us two of their releases to stock. As ever the wonderful guitar sound Ernie produces is ever present.  Both CDs contain vocal and instrumental songs. Check out the soundclip on our website. 9.99GBP each + shipping.     Guest guitarist on one track on each album is Richard Langstone.


 The Tabs for Ian's Workout 19 are now available to Download from Tony Clouts Tabman website.


Trev Faull at Stylus  Records has produced another two CDs, Paul Revere and The Raiders 'Early Years' and  'USA Obscurities Vol 12' Price 9.99 GBP each. Again full track details can be found on our web site,


Take care and as always thanks for reading!



October 2015 Part Two


Hello Everyone again!


I know it wasn’t long ago we sent out a Bulletin, but we have some great releases to tell you about and thought, so why wait!  As with good news it is sadly balanced with some not so good news but more of that in a minute.


Before we go any further just wanted to tell you about the Cliff birthday concert at the Royal Albert Hall on the 14th.  It was filmed and we are so pleased to say that not only is that fab news but the best bit is you won’t have to wait long! The release date if all goes to plan is the 30th Nov! As I write this I don’t have a price but we will update our website as soon as we get a confirmed price.

On the 14th Cliff was surprised to see so many of his friends show up. At one point he was joined on stage by Olivia Newton John and after her presentation of a birthday cake they duetted on “Suddenly”.   Quite a few celebrities in the audience including Shirley Bassey, Daniel O’Donnell (taking a break from his ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ rehearsals) and his wife, John and Pat Farrar, Paul O’Grady, and of course Bruce and Brian, among many others so must have been  a great party later in the evening.


Another two releases that are on the horizon......


“MILESTONES OF A LEGEND” (Cliff with The Shadows)  10 CD set due for release early November.     213 tracks ( I think) with 3 of the CDs dedicated to The Shadows.  These CDs are packed with bonus tracks  too many titles to list here  so do check out the details on our web site……. and of course we can send out information too. Release date: 6th Nov but we shall ship as soon as stock arrives. Price is 12.99 GBP + postage.


Hank Marvin ‘Guitar Solos’ 1982 – 1995.   Again we are waiting for further information but in a nutshell this is five of Hank’s solo CDs in one CD set and is due for release in Dec. I’m sure it will be something along the same lines as The Shadows Five Original Albums that was released earlier in the year. We will update you as and when. Price: TBA, Release: Dec 2015


Now in stock……..


The  SHADOWS :   ”OUT OF THE SHADOWS”   LP PLUS 2 BONUS TRACKS   180 gram VINYL  - IMPORT – STEREO.   Bonus tracks are “Mustang” and “Shotgun”.    Again a limited quantity release as with the earlier LP released  by this Wax label “THE  SHADOWS”.       If this album sells as well as the “The Shadows” then stock levels could vary. In the vinyl section of Shadows items. Happy to take phone and email orders too.




CLIFF RICHARD ( & THE SHADOWS)  “LIVE AT THE ABC KINGSTON”  10” VINYL LP – FRENCH IMPORT.  This LP contains the Cliff part of the ABC concert in 1962.   Again a limited quantity release and available via our web site:


We still have a few copies left of “THE SHADOWS LIVE AT KINGSTON” 10” vinyl from the same label but we are almost out.


For those of  you that saw the TV interview Mike Dolbear  did with Brian recently, you may have noticed that Brian was holding/reading a book and this is the book.  “ROOTS OF ROCK DRUMMING” – US IMPORT - featuring a chapter on Brian Bennett.  This is an import from the USA. 17.99 GBP + postage.


Ok, here’s the bad news Brian Bennett has had to delay his book due to an issue with the publisher. The book is now going through some changes but this has caused a necessary delay putting the release date back again which now makes it next year. We will keep all orders on file as it is supposed to be just a short delay, so let’s see. The CD release ‘Shadowing John Barry’ is still going ahead and we got to see the proposed sleeve last week and it is super. The Cd will also feature Mark Knopfler, Peter Frampton, John Parricell, Ray Russell and The Shadows.


Another item we used to stock and again we’ve been able to re-stock from Germany is the  “50th ANNIVERSARY”  CLIFF RICHARD DVD. This is a compilation of Cliff promo’s,  and footage from various European TV shows some of them new to us here in the UK. Great journey through the 50 years and includes 25 songs!  Price TBA


We stocked this book some years ago and were really disappointed when we couldn’t get any more copies but times have changed and we are able to import these now for our customers.   It’s the “INTERNATIONAL PICTURE BOOK”  IMPORT FROM GERMANY .It’s a large hardback book full of great evocative colour pictures which include record sleeves, sheet music, photographs, memorabilia, and so much more.  There’s no hiding that it isn’t cheap but it is a fantastic addition to any collection.   Again check out the web site under the Cliff or Shadows book section.


Two CDs came into stock from Stylus just as we sent out our last bulletin so we didn’t get to include details on our initial Bulletin so here they are but you may have already seen them listed on our web site if you check it out regularly.


1)            “ROCK ‘N’ ROLL 60s GUITARS – KIWI INSTRUMENTALS – VOL.1”  Various artists from New Zealand including The Invaders, The Embers, Graeme Bartlett, The Minors, The Kiwis Four, and more.  31 tracks in total.     Price 9.99 GBP + postage.


2)            “SOUL SURFER A GO-GO”  with Johnny Fortune, The Torques, The Buddies and The Hollywood Persuaders – 32 tracks which include Miserlou, Thunderbird, Pipeline, Dragster.   9.99 GBP + postage




The Charades (from Finland) have a new release in the pipeline.  More details to follow.  At the end of this month they are appearing with Nokie Edwards, also Brian ‘Licorice’ Locking – see our ‘events’ page for further details.


Peter Williams has advised us that he has a new CD due later in the year called “Hello Mary Lou – Jukebox Favourites – Volume 2” This CD will hopefully come with 22 Tracks including many great songs like – Young Girl, You Were On My Mind, Blue Angel and so on. We have all 22 tracks on our website although these may not make it to the final cut depending on how the mastering in Memphis goes.


Finally......If you think you will need another Cliff ‘fix’ and soon,  why not join him on a ‘sea cruise’! Yes that song is now in my head! Next year Cliff is performing on a  luxury Cruise Ship that is heading to the Mediterranean. Cliff will be the star guest on the All Star Irish Mediterranean Cruise taking place between the 28th August and the 4th September.  Lots of other artists appearing with entertainment every night.  This cruise has been running for several years - details can be found on our ‘events’ page. The  link to the booking site which includes pictures of the cruise ship and the list of other guests is


We’ll leave you with the Sea Cruise song rolling around in your head.....

Juliette, Pat, John and James.


October 2015 Part One

Hello Everyone...


What a super month September has been!!!! Lakeside’s Celebration Of The Shadows has been and gone and Cliff’s tour has just started too!   There have been a lot of releases this month which is fantastic but it in turn meant we didn’t the time to send out the planned bulletin. So here it is albeit slightly altered.............


It was great to see so many faces at Lakeside and looking forward to seeing some of you at the Albert Hall for Cliff.     The Lakeside event was another ‘cracker’ and the groups were fantastic.  They really pulled out all the stops and made the afternoon and evening fly by with their tributes to The Shadows and other artists.   Good to see The Rapiers topping the bill with their new bass player who fitted in so well it was as though he had been with them for years, a great end to the evening.   You can find on our web site a special ‘collectable’ vinyl EP from The Rapiers – maybe something for the Christmas list?!


Also a special mention must go to Tasty who had come all the way over from Norway – after attending the event in the past as guests, this time they were up on the stage playing and got a terrific response from the audience. These guys really had a fab stage presence coupled with a great sense of humour....we saw them dash to the bar during Little B.  You can check out our web site for their DVD and CD which sold so well at Lakeside.....roll on their next release!


We can’t go without saying how well  The Shades, The Evening Shadows, and Peter Donegan contributed to the evening, and of course Brian ‘Licorice’ Locking………well done boys.    We’re looking forward to next year.


We now have the second part to the brilliant Kingston Limited Edition Import vinyl release. This 10” contains the Cliff and The Shadows portion of that 1962 Kingston ABC Gig. Price is as before 26.99 GBP and is limited to 300. I am pleased to say that Leo’s Den secured a huge portion of sales of the 300 copies of The Shadows release so well done to you all.  We do have a few of the Shadows Kingston 10” left if you missed out first time, I just can’t guarantee stock availability going forward as it is limited.


Another LP release on the horizon is……..Out Of The Shadows...This release is being brought to you from the same label that issued The Shadows a few months back. Again this is 180grams and an import with added bonus tracks.  Please feel free to register interest or preorder. Release date is mid/late Oct.


Albert Lee has now officially released his double DVD set of his concert in London, and we are grateful that we were given the opportunity to make the DVD available to our customers in advance.   A reminder for our friends in the US, we have the Albert Lee DVD in the NTSC/US format with guest appearances by many including Bruce and Brian.   This is a commercial release and not a transfer.  Details exactly as the PAL format release as shown on our web site.


All the Cliff’s A3,  Slimline, and Collectors calendars, plus the diary for 2016,  have arrived in stock after a staggered release and can be found in the Merchandise section on our web site.  Prices are 8.99+shipping for the Collectors Calendar and the A3,   with the slimline and diary being 4.99 each + shipping. Sad to see there are no pictures of Cliff’s Rock N Roll ‘lean’ in this year’s calendar, I hope Graham Norton didn’t put him off when they were jesting about it! What was it Paul O’Grady suggested… a pose for the next calendar where Cliff needs little more than a few strategically placed vine leaves!!?? J


Cliff’s new CD “75 at 75” has done brilliantly after only a couple of weeks on sale and is now at No.4 last time we checked.  This CD just added to September’s excitement. We had a huge amount of pre-orders for this release which is always so wonderful to see.


Hank’s re-hash/release has proved to be popular and at 6.99 is a great addition to anyone’s collection or for the car! Talking of Hank we do have more copies of the import of his gypsy Jazz CD “Djangos Castle” in stock at 25.99 GBP and his last CD “Hank” (the summer album) which is a great 8.49 GBP.


And again while mentioning Hank, we have details on our web site of concerts he is doing in New Zealand and Australia with his Gypsy Jazz Band and we are hoping for a new album release next year but it is likely to be another album of gypsy jazz music.   Still no sign of him coming over to the UK for a tour…..we’ll just keep hoping.


Two more releases in the RockHistory series are now available……”Are You Sure” (great selection of tracks from the Fontana label,) and “Shakin’ All Over” (great tracks from the HMV label).  These 2-CD sets are 9.99 GBP each (+ postage) and full track listing can be found on our web site along with details of all the other releases from the Rock History series.


If you are involved in or part of a Guitar Club and you would like listings or catalogues on our Backing Tracks and Tabs please do say as we’re happy to ship these out. We can offer Tabs on UB Hank and the Roger Paulsson’s CD Volumes that are exclusive to us. We may also be able to help with certain other Tabs so please feel free to enquire. Sadly the only thing we can’t offer is individual Backing Track songs and MP3 downloads due to copyright reasons.


Great to see back in stock Per Gjorde’s (from Sweden) fabulous book ‘Pearls and Crazy Diamonds 50 Years of Burns Guitar’ this book continues to sell well and not surprisingly. There is also a section on the Shadows era of the Burns guitar. This book is printed in English with full colour pictures and is 19.99 + Shipping.


You may have noticed that we have been offering for sale four Japanese Import CDs of the first four Shadows albums. I can’t lie the stock level on these CDs will be more sporadic than normal. We have had such problems trying to acquire a suitable stock level on these titles and we appreciate your patience. The four CDs truly are superb quality and I just wish other companies could achieve what our Japanese friends achieved. These CDs come with Japanese sleeve notes. 14.99 GBP + shipping each.


Do check out Tony Rivers if you are interested in his autobiography. There is some information on what to expect within his book and some pictures on this website.


Had an update from Brian Bennett on his book and CD but still no confirmation of the exact date.    We emphasised to him how much everyone is looking forward to the releases which he was really chuffed about. We have a picture of the book cover on our website but sadly no price yet.   As soon as we get any more news or scan of the CD sleeve we will circulate the details.

We have had another two great releases from Stylus...

Rock N Roll Guitars - Kiwi Instrumentals - Vol 11 and

Soul Surfer A GO GO - Johnny Fortune - Hollywood Persuaders - The Torgues, all on one disc. Check both of these titles out in our 'Other Artists section at 9.99 each.


Just a final note.......Cliff’s tour has kicked off and as expected the response and support has been phenomenal, Cliff got a standing ovation when he walked out on stage. I have no doubt he is feeling the love and support right now which must be a huge boost considering his past year.


That’s it for now – new info as and when we get it.    Don’t forget to check out all our web pages as there may be some books etc. to bear in mind with Christmas on the horizon.


Best wishes from us all,   speak again soon……..


Juliette, James, Pat and John                                                                                                 


August 2015. Part Two


Hello Everyone,

No sooner had we sent out the last bulletin than more release information started coming through so here we are back again……..…we have details of  new releases including Hank, Cliff, 2 new Stylus releases, and of course Cliff’s 2016 calendars.

 So here we go …………..

Cliff recently gave an interview on the Paul O’Grady Radio Show and during the interview he said that his new ‘new’ album “Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll Songbook – Vol.2” is being scheduled for release next year……boohoo we will have even longer to wait.


Now available as a download only is the latest Cliff single “Golden” taken from his forthcoming album – see details below.   Never released on CD before and as far as we know this will not be made available on ‘hard disc’ – we’re gutted.  If anyone has problems downloading this let us know and we may be able to help.


“HANK MARVIN – THE COLLECTION”   Release date 4th September.     Price   6.99 GBP  + postage

This 2-CD set is evenly themed as an instrumental disc and a vocal disc, the latter showcasing his rarely heard but impressive talent as a singer.  This release includes a version of The Shadows classic ‘Wonderful Land’ produced by ELO’s Jeff Lynne, plus duets with Queen’s  Brian May, Duane Eddy, The Shadows’ Brian Bennett,  Mark Knopfler, and Cliff Richard.  There are 36-tracks including the rarer “Steel Wheel”,  “Ricky Don’t Lose That Number”,  and “Bad Cop” and the set focuses on the five solo albums Hank released during the period 1982- 95: ‘Words And Music’, ‘All Alone With Friends’, ‘Into The Light’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Hank Plays Cliff’.   The full track listing is available on our web site and you can pre-order now.


“CLIFF RICHARD -  75 AT 75”    Release date 18th September.       Price 11.99 GBP + postage

This 3 CD set is released to probably soften the blow of the “RNR Songbook 2” delay.  It’s released on the PLG/Rhino label and coincides with Cliff’s 75th Birthday tour. As the title says, this set contains 75 tracks covering Cliff’s career.   Yes, it’s another ‘best of’ but this set contains 4 of Cliff’s rarer tracks – “Golden” “21st Century Christmas”,  a remake of “Move It”,  and “Thank You For A Lifetime”.   “Golden” was originally only available on the DVD given to fans who attended Cliff’s 50th Anniversary “Time Machine” concerts.   “75 at 75” Available onsite to pre-order.


The 3 Cliff 2016 calendars and the diary are due late August/early September.    There will be the usual A3 size, the slimline, the 2016 diary, and what Danilo call ‘the Collectors’ calendar.    The A3 calendar includes all new photos of Cliff taken in February in Barbados.    We are taking pre-orders and if you are ordering all editions of the calendars and the diary, they will be sent together when all are in stock.


Another release scheduled for mid/late September is the Limited Edition Cliff 10” LP from France “CLIFF RICHARD avec The Shadows – LIVE KINGSTON 1962”.   This LP is the Cliff part of the Kingston ABC concert.  The Shadows 10” LP in the same series is already available and you can see details on our web site or previous bulletins. The details of the Cliff 10” LP will be going up on our web site shortly giving track details etc, so that pre-release orders can be placed with us for despatch as soon as available.


And finally two recent CDs from the Stylus label which are now on our website….


29 tracks by The Eliminators (“Liverpool, Dragsters, Cycles and Surfing”), and The Hornets (all tracks composed by Jerry Cole).   Full track details on the Other Artists CD section of our web site.


“WORLD SERIES OF 60’s - ROCKIN’ INSTRUMENTAL EP’s Vol.4”               9.99 GBP + postage

30 tracks from rockin’ instrumental groups from around the world including Rene/Alligators, The Chantays, The Blue Comets, Four Shakers, Dave Clark Five, The Violents,  Ladi Geisler, Les Sorciers, and Bill Haley.


And don’t forget about the exciting Brian Bennett book and CD that we mentioned in our last Bulletin fingers crossed it will be available in November.   As soon as we get more details we will add them to our web site.   


Also the 4 CDs from Japan – new release date is 26th August – “Dance with The Shadows”, “Sound of The Shadows”, “Out of The Shadows”, and “The Shadows”.   No extra tracks but remastered and with Japanese catalogue number and label and if true to form, they should come with some Japanese text.


Has anyone noticed the background music to the TV advert that has been showing in certain areas – they have been using the music produced by the Sugarhill Gang several years ago, of their version of what was called an “Apache” Mix.   At the time more than one group tried ‘mixing’ Shadows music but the Sugarhill’s Gang version was the most popular.


While mentioning television, an interesting programme that was first shown in April this year was Rick Wakeman’s “Tales from the Tour Bus”.    An excellent documentary about touring in the 60’s and contributors include Brian Bennett/The Shadows, Suzi Quatro,  Dr. Feelgood, The Damned ………brought back a lot of memories to Pat and John and especially to those of you who used to be in a group.


Well that’s it for the new releases so far but here is a quick reminder about items that you may have missed……..


“THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK” CD which features Cliff singing the part of the Bellman.

“ESTABLISHED ‘58” CD   Cliff and The Shadows with the rare Shadows tracks.


“FINDERS KEEPERS” DVD the last film Cliff made with The Shadows

“A ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MEMOIR – CLIFF RICHARD AND THE SHADOWS”  BOOK by Royston Ellis who combined his earlier books “The Shadows by Themselves” and “Driftin’ with Cliff” and updated them.

“CLIFF & THE SHADOWS 50TH ANNIVERSARY” TOUR PROGRAMME.   Contains some great photos covering their career.

“CLIFF RICHARD – HISTORY – AUTHORISED PHOTOGRAPHIC BIOGRAPHY” BOOK.   Large hardback book published in 2010 full of great black and white photographs.    We also have copies of the special issue published for America which comes with a faux leather slip case.   Full details on our web site.


Until next time…………


August 2015.Part One


Hello everyone..

Thankfully we are pleased to announce that the exclusive French "Kingston-Live" 10" vinyl is finally en route to us. This has taken longer than we'd hoped but we are just so pleased to have secured them. As soon as stock arrives we will start charging and shipping for the people whose details we have, and for those that just reserved it we will email and request payment details. The "Kingston" 10" is also live on our website again if anyone would prefer to shop online rather than direct.

Interesting bit of trivia......our Pat was working with all the guys during this period and was waiting in their dressing rooms during this specific Kingston show. Can't say it was the best view in the house but a lift home that evening in Cliff's red Thunderbird car no doubt made up for it! Hope she doesn't mind me sharing that!

Due late September the same label is releasing Cliff's part of the 1962 Kingston gig on 10" vinyl. Cliff's Kingston set also had him being backed by the Shadows, so well worth a look too. We'll keep you posted on this!

While still on the subject of vinyl, we have stock of The Shadows first album on Import which was re-issued on 180g LP with two bonus tracks. We also have a couple of copies of Cliff's 2012 'Let Me Tell You baby' 10" vinyl release which was also released on CD, such a great album. Coming soon into stock is 'The Best Of' The Shadows which is again a 180g Import vinyl, this album comes with 18 tracks.

Yey....!!! Brian's CD is looking good to be released sooner than was initially thought, which is fantastic. It will be so great to hear the track he has done with 'some very special guys' wink! wink! The CD is called "Shadowing John Barry" and features the Brian Bennett Orchestra..Mark Griffith, Warren Bennett, Peter Frampton, Ray Russell and others. There is no denying that this CD has been eagerly anticipated for over a year now, so it is brilliant to finally see it on the horizon.

Brian is certainly on a roll now...we can also mention Brian's book "Chasing Shadows" which is currently scheduled for publication in November. The book will be like a large glossy 'scrapbook' with many photos from his past all logged and detailed , similar to an Autobiography in pictures but with words. There are going to be hundreds of fantastic pictures and it will be of medium sized so I am guessing larger than Royston Ellis's book but smaller than Mo Fosters book. The price is hoping to be around 19.95 GBP. More information to follow as and when we get it but it's certainly quite exciting. We have collated many pre-orders in the past year for both the book and the CD. Feel free to pre order or register interest if you haven't done so already and if you want to double check we still have your original order that's fine too, just email us - a lot can change in a year!

Mike Berry's performance on the Albert Lee DVD has certainly regenerated people's interest in his music and CDs. We are stocking four of his albums along with CDs by Marty Wilde, Gary US Bonds and Joe Brown. Another great CD in the same genre is the latest Vince Eager CD '78 Not Out' which is currently also in stock. I must also mention Vince's CD 788 Years that features Albert Lee, Clem Cattini, Marty Wilde and Chas Hodges to mention but a few. All are on our website or we can send details out if preferred.

A little hidden gem we thought was worth mentioning is the Cliff and The Shadows 'Established 58 ' CD release from 2007. This CD includes rare Shadows tracks that are very difficult to find on other CDs that we know of - "Banana Man" , "Average Life of a Daily Man", "Voyage", "Poem", "Magical Mrs. Clamps", "Here I Go Again". The CD is only 9.99 and comes with 18 tracks in all. Well worth checking it out!

There are more copies of the European Import "En Espanol Y Frances" 2CD set coming into stock so please feel free to either purchase through our website or come to us direct and we will take an order for one.

It all seems to be happening for Shadows releases overseas, 4 more CDs are in the pipeline. Due for release in Japan in August are "The Shadows", "Out of The Shadows", "Dance With The Shadows" and "Sound of The Shadows". As soon as we get more information, full details will go up on our web site.

Another release that is proving popular is a nicely priced "Great British Instrumentals" 3 CD Set at 6.99 GBP. This CD does contain some of the usual favourites but there is a good selection, 60 tracks in total....great for those long summer car journeys!

You may be aware that we are struggling to keep high stock levels of certain Hank titles. If you are interested in any showing on our web site and it is Out Of Stock please let us know and we can add you to a first come first served waiting list.

Popular titles are:-
"Handpicked" CD 12.99 GBP
"Hank" ( the older album) CD 19.99 GBP
"Words and Music" CD 12.99 GBP
"All Alone With Friends" CD 12.99 GBP
"Words and Music and All Alone With Friends" 2 on 1 CD 20.99 GBP
"Fantastic Shadows" LP 20.99 GBP
"Shadows Are Go" CD 16.99 GBP

Not long now until we get to see some of you at "A Celebration of Shadows Music~" at Lakeside. It certainly looks like 2015 is going to be a great show. Full details on our 'Events' page. Please do remember if you would like items brought with us (to save on your shipping) please let us know.
We understand that tickets are selling fast which is great to hear. Don't forget also the Friday social event organised by Roy and Kathy
Cresswell - see - and follow the ticket link for details of the evening and you can also add your name to take part in the evening cabaret if you would like to get up and play or sing during the evening.

Also on our website we have a Link on the Events page to the Rapiers website and this will show you their up and coming concerts, it will also show you that they have welcomed a new Bass player into their group - Lee Restarick so no doubt we will get to see him perform along with the boys at Lakeside at the end of September.

Other events we would like to mention are shown below with more details on our web site, all celebrating the music of The Shadows.

Zoe McCulloch will be appearing at a charity event on the 24th October at Framwellgate Moor and Pity Me Working Men's Club, Front Street, Pitty Me,
Durham. Tickets 15.00 GBP including a buffet.

"ShadowDania" (Nyborg Denmark) on the 5th September organised by the Danish Shadows Club.

"Shads in Breizh" (France) on the 19th September. A tribute to the music of The Shadows.

"17th Shadows Music Convention" (Verden, Germany) on the 3rd October. The annual get together of the German Cliff and The Shadows Club.

And don't forget the date in Ireland added to the Cliff concerts - 26th September at the INEC Killarney, Ireland.

Have a great week and thank you for reading.


 July 2015



Hello Everyone………


Isn’t it great to see a vinyl revival happening all over the world! James and I were in the city the other day and we came across two record shops in London with racks of newly released vinyl. It felt like we had gone back 30/40years and were in what he and I remember to be a Record Shop. Vinyl has a great nostalgic feel good factor about it I think, but maybe that’s a generation thing!


We became very excited here at Leo’s when we saw this vinyl revival was reaching us down in the depths of Dorset with two new great Import Shadow releases. The first (from Spain)  is a 180gram copy of the first Shadows album release ‘The Shadows’ in stereo with two additional bonus tracks, one on each side.  Also comes with Free MP3 album Download.  Wax Time Records have put together this release along with many other titles (not Shadows related) and flown them over from Spain!   Tracks:  Shadoogie, Blue Star,  Nivram,  Baby My Heart (Vocals: Hank Marvin), See You In My Drums, All My Sorrows (Vocals by Jet Harris),  Stand Up And Say That!, Apache *, Gonzales Find Me A Golden Street, Theme From A Filleted Place, That’s My Desire (Vocals by Bruce Welch), My Resistance Is Low,  Sleep Walk, Big Boy,  Dance On! * This Shadows release is 19.99 + shipping and a nice addition to any vinyl collection.


In addition to The Shadows ‘The Shadows’ album we have a Limited Edition French import of The Shadows ‘Live at Kingston’ 1962. They have only pressed 300 copies of this great little 10 “ so I believe when they are gone, they are gone! No doubt most of you are aware of this concert and the fact that Cliff was with The Shadows that night but this release does not include his portion of the show. The eight tracks included are Apache/Shazam,  Shadoogie,  Wonderful Land,  All My Sorrows, Quarter to Three (Rare) ,  Nivram,   Little B, and F.B.I.   Notes on the back sleeve are in French by Jacques Leblanc.    Price is 26.99 + shipping.


While on the subject of imports we have located a few more copies of the Spanish 2CD set ‘En Espanoly Frances’ .    Tracks: Maria No Mas, La Cancion de Orfeo, Frenesi, Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You), Perfidia, Tus Besos  (Kiss), Solamente Una Vez, C'est Si Bon, La Mer, Te Quiro Dijiste, Amor Amor Amor, Quizas Quizas Quizas   (Perhaps), Quien Sera, J'Attendeai, Boum, Las Tres Carabelas   (The Shadows), Adios Muchachos    (The Shadows), Granada     (The Shadows), Valencia    (The Shadows), Perfidia       (The Shadows) Disc 2:Me Lo Dijo Adela, Twenty Flight Rock, Mean Woman Blues, Livin' Doll, I Gotta Know, Dynamite, Here Comes Summer, Apache, FBI, Little 'B', Blue Suede Shoes, Donna, Livin' Lovin' Doll, Mean Streak, Steady With You, High Class Baby, Little Things Mean A Lot, Never Mind, Travellin' Light, No Turning Back.    We aren’t able to locate large quantities of this so please bear with us as it may go out of stock. Price is currently 13.99 + shipping


Back to British this time with three CDs from Mike Berry. We had a good few requests for CDs from him after his performance on the rather brilliant Albert Lee DVD along with a few other of the featured artists. We have some Mike Berry CDs which are “Mike Berry & The Outlaws – Keep Your Hands To Youself”,  “Sounds of The Sixties”, and “Mike Berry & The Crickets – About Time Too”.   Full details going up on our web site with sound bites. 11.99 each + shipping


Finally Mike Batt’s rare CD of the Hunting Of The Snark has now been reissued and is in stock. This set includes the studio performance of T.H.O.T.S   featuring Cliff doing a rather good performance as the Bellman and a DVD of the Albert Hall performance that sadly doesn’t feature Cliff but does include Billy Connolly, Captain Sensible, Roger Daltrey, Justin Hayward to mention a few. Not a bad price for the CD and DVD set that is on Mike Batts own label. 12.99 + shipping


Two pending releases that seem to be building momentum are the new studio album by Cliff and the new CD from Brian Bennett featuring two close friends of his - wink wink! Brian has a provisional date of Nov/Dec and Cliff is Aug /Sept. Please note both these dates are being aimed for but have not been confirmed.  Brian’s Book ‘Chasing Shadows’ has had a set back and is now looking at next year.


Some ‘Cliffy’ news for our friends in Ireland, Cliff has added the INEC, Killarney, on the 26th September to his tour itinerary list, and tickets are already on sale.    It doesn’t seem to have been promoted well but hope those of you that want tickets have been or will be successful. They are on sale at the usual outlets and websites.    It’s good to see that Cliff had added this extra date so maybe more will be in the pipeline.    So lucky fans in Ireland will be seeing Cliff first.


While on the subject of Cliff , Tony Rivers is now taking orders for his book which he is publishing himself. I am including here what he has written about the book contents and the website where you can order it if you would like it.
It is going to be full of great photos and obviously the stories of people
I've worked with, such as CLIFF RICHARD/ SHAKING STEVENS including a No.1
WHO/ singing on the mic with HANK & BRUCE for a couple of Shadows albums/
MONTGOMERY/Recording @ Caribou Studios, Colorado, Abbey Road singing with
Charlie Gracie (with Frank Allen) and many more/ WEMBLEY STADIUM/LIVE AID/
making the West Ham record 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles'/ getting signed by
tell him about it! Lots of stories of the men behind the songs. Being there
and a part of the 60's musical revolution' and then right through the
70's/80's/90's/2000's and still rockin'.




Backing track CDs have been flying out this month but don’t forget not only do we sell UB Hank, Shadows Workout, and Roger Paulsson CDs, but we also stock  The Epitones, Will UB, Dave Robinson’s ‘Leads’ and Waffles (Warren Bennett) CDs.   America in particular seems to have been loving the Backing Tracks this month!

And may be aware that there are some titles that seem to arrive in stock and no sooner are they in than they have gone again. I can only apologise for this, sadly CDs like Hank’s ‘Handpicked’, ‘Words and Music’ and Hanks early release ‘Hank’ are very hard to come by and our suppliers only have limited access to these stocks/titles which are long deleted through regular trade channels but we do our best.


As we always say, keep checking the web site and Facebook page -  you never know what you’ll find.


All best wishes from the Leo’s crew


Juliette, Pat, James and John




Mid June 2015

Hello again everyone,

Had a hectic few weeks with new releases – more about that later – but firstly want to give you details of the complete line-up for “A Celebration of Shadows Music” at Lakeside Country Club, Frimley, Surrey.   Taking place on the 26th September, doors open at 2.00 pm til late.   Tickets are available from   or  01252 836464.  And don’t forget the ‘pre-event’ Social Party on the Friday run again by Roy and Kathy Cresswell.    So if you feel like ‘strutting your stuff’ you can get full details and your tickets from.    

 Here is the complete line-up for Saturday night……

                                                THE RAPIERS

                  TASTY  (from Norway)

                  THE EVENING SHADOWS

                           PETER DONEGAN

                              THE SHADES


We look forward to seeing you there and we are happy to bring any orders along with us to save you on shipping!


We are so pleased to announce for the Cliff fans that there will be calendars/diary from Danilo for 2016.  Still waiting for pictures for the A3 size but we do have cover designs for the slimline and diary.  Also still waiting for prices but expect them to be the same as last year.


And while on the subject of Cliff, on a recent Phil Silverstein radio broadcast various tracks from Cliff’s new album (still waiting for a release date) were played.   As a pre-release ‘taster’ Phil played Cathy’s Clown, Butterfly, You Send Me, Better to Dream, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed a duet with Elvis works out.   When we get official confirmation of tracks, and release date, we’ll circulate details as always.


For the past few months we’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Ian McCutcheon’s “Workout 19+” backing track CD, and also the Albert Lee DVD of his “70th Birthday Celebration” concert on which The Shadows (minus Hank) who made a guest appearance.     Both are now available – see below.


SHADOWS WORKOUT 19+    12.99 GBP  + shipping/postage

Hats off to Wally, Theme from ‘Bergerac' ,Cowboy Café…          The Most Beautiful Girl in the World….The Man with the Golden Arm….. Sleepwalk (Hank Plays Live version)…El Cumbanchero (The Ventures version)…       Big Bad Bass…. Morning Dance.         Spanish Armada.


ALBERT LEE’S 70TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION – MARCH 2014       2 DVD set                 GBP 24.99 + shipping/postage

Great to see this DVD set is in PAL AND NTSC FORMATS and we have been lucky enough to receive our copies well in advance of the official release date in September when Albert goes on tour with his Hogan’s Heroes.   Special guests include ‘our Shadows’, Marty Wilde, Chris Farlowe, Mike Berry, Joe Brown, Bill Wyman, Andy Fairweather Low, Gary Brooker, and so many more.   There’s over 3 hours of viewing including behind the scenes footage and interviews.


A nice (unexpected) new item in stock is an Import LP from Spain of  The Shadows “The Shadows” (Stereo).   This vinyl release includes the 2 bonus tracks of “Apache” and “Dance On”.    Produced on 180 gram vinyl and is released on the Spanish Waxtime label.    More information can be found of the Vinyl/LP section of The Shadows listing on our web site. It also comes with a free download.


Two more new releases……….available via our web site in the Other Artists Section


“VENUS IN BLUE JEANS”   Various Artists    from the Rock History series

“TELL LAURA I LOVE HER”    Various Artists   again from the Rock History series

Do check out the other fabulous titles in this series in our Other Artist section.

Please note there will be a price increase on all Rock History titles when we need to re-order so grab them while they are 8.99, price will increase to around 11.99 as and when we sell through and need to re-order.


And from the brilliant Stylus label we have the following two New releases……..


John Kongos - The Early Years - Johnny & The G-Men - Complete Rockin' Guitar Instrumentals


60 Brilliant Brazilian Instrumentals of the 60s (62-69) – Various – 2CD

Bombora is still selling well from Stylus along with older titles like the BBC sessions, Big Jim Sullivan 3CD set.....Joe Meek, etc.


Two others in the pipeline from Stylus are Vol.2 in the Columbia label series and Vol.2 in the Parlophone label series.   When we get track details we will update our web site.


We are constantly sorting through our stock and finding CDs that we probably only have one or two copies of so they were not listed , but now we have been adding them to our web site so don’t forget to keep checking out the web site for new listings, updates, and details of events planned for the future.


Until next time,

Juliette, Pat, John and James