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The members of this group may sound familiar to you...Terry Carter - Lead/Rhythm guitar, Martin Verrill- Drums and Chris Jarvis - Bass. These guys formed, along with David Martin, Legend, a super group on the circuit a few years back. This new project called The Cover Notes (minus David) have produced this gem of an album and shown that they still have it....not that they doubted that of course!

Even though there are vocal songs used here the fact that they have been turned into instrumental tracks really works. Makes for a refreshing change to see such a mixed bag of songs that have been chosen and covered.

Chris Jarvis sadly passed away from terminal cancer as this project came to an end but he did get to hear the completed album and to see Rob Bradford's review. The album is a wonderful tribute to a talented musician.


Here are some sleeve notes:

The tracks on this CD began originally as a recording project by Legend’s Terry Carter, Chris Jarvis and Martin Verrill in the time between David Martin leaving the band and Tony Hoffman joining, when they decided to take some time out from live playing and concentrate on recording some new instrumental tunes.  During this time they began to record a selection of some of their favourite songs from the past, in an instrumental style mostly influenced by their musical inspiration The Shadows.

The project was then shelved for a number of years when Legend returned to live playing, but having later played the demos to friends, a very positive response encouraged Terry, Chris and Martin to put some finishing touches to the recordings and release them as a CD. 

Whilst there are deliberately no cover versions of Shadows’ tunes included, the CD ranges from the Shadows ‘Midnight’ influenced ‘You Belong To Me’, featuring the classic Fender Stratocaster and Meazzi echo sound, to the Shadows ‘Deep Purple’ influenced Burns guitar sound and style of ‘On The Street Where You Live’.  However, an interpretation of Brian Bennett’s ‘Thunderbolt’ is also included.

There are however five instrumental versions of songs included which were recorded by Cliff Richard:  ‘Don’t Talk To Him’, ‘Lessons In Love’, ‘Angel’, ‘La Mer’, and also ‘The Time In Between’, which then seemed to be a very appropriate title for the CD. 

Most of the tunes were chosen because they were both favourite melodies and had not been knowingly previously recorded as guitar instrumentals.  Whilst most of the tunes are played on Fender and Burns guitars, Terry’s Gretsch guitar is also featured on the opening track,  Johnny Kidd and the Pirates’ ‘I’ll Never Get Over You’, and on the Joe Meek inspired version of ‘If You Love Me’. 

Some tunes may be a little lesser known;  ‘Because’ was a Dave Clark Five ‘B’ side from 1964, which Terry, Chris and Martin used to play in their separate groups in the 1960s, and ‘Forget Him’ was also originally recorded in 1964 by Bobby Rydell as well as being one of Billy Fury’s later recordings.   The album closes with ‘Serenade’, a melody by classical composer and violinist David Garrett.

This album pays homage to a very wide range of artistes and material, from Patsy Cline to Michael Jackson, and many 1960’s groups in between.  We hope you enjoy listening to our interpretation of all these tunes, and have fun in remembering them.

Have a read of the review in Pipeline below.. 

I'LL NEVER GET OVER YOU – Nicely flowing rocker. Excellent tone & great overdubs. Excellent drums/bass support throughout.

THE TIME IN BETWEEN – One of Cliff's faves apparently… very brisk, light touch and feel. Great counterpointed guitars and second guitar over superb rhythm. Drums very notable without being overpowering. 2nd solo superb & very different tone. So many sounds/tones on display. Bass percussive but light & very nimble/ dexterous.

YOU BELONG TO ME – Starts like Midnight, done in a similar dreamy, reflective style. Martin using brushes/hi-hat throughout. Bass very rhythmic with an incredible lightness of touch. Gorgeous track.

ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE – Opening like Deep Purple & sounding for all the world like an outtake from The Sound Of The Shadows. Very Shads-like… bass very Rostill-like! Mellow, sweet, full, rhythmic.

LA MER – Very romantic with a slow, walking bass figure, very discrete & just the right weight. Martin's drumming also deliberately in the background. Great rhythm work, which never overwhelms the majesty of the melody. Martin's cymbal work is superb.

WISHIN' & HOPIN' – Great bass and drums working in tight, perfect partnership with Terry providing some ace 2nd guitar answering phrases to point up more splendid soloing, extremely melodic. A great arrangement.

COME TOMORROW – Simply beautiful. Great sensitivity both in the arrangement and the phrasing of the old Manfred Mann fave. Once Again the whole sound & feel – especially the bass/drums partnership too – is very reminiscent of the Sound Of The Shadows / Shadow Music era. Lovely.

DON'T TALK TO HIM – More unbridled brilliance from Terry Carter. Simply fabulous!

BECAUSE – A largely forgotten track by the Dave Clark Five becomes a lovely instrumental in this new guise. A haunting melody played with plangent melancholy feeling.

SUKIYAKI – Popularised in the UK by Kenny Ball and given a straightforward re-working here with the emphasis firmly on the familiar melody.

FORGET HIM – Originally a vocal performed by the likes of Billy Fury and Bobby Rydell. Lots of arpeggios and deft, running bass work in this fine instrumental arrangement. Very languid and yearning. It was composed by Tony Hatch.

SOMEBODY HELP ME KEEP ON RUNNING – Brilliant idea for something a bit funkier! Nice little bass riffs throughout and propulsive, rhythmic drums. A different side to Terry's soloing. Like, yeah… way out man! Great bass work from Chris during his featured sections.

SHE'S OUT OF MY LIFE – From Michael Jackson's Off The Wall, never heard the original so this is like a lovely new track to me. Shades of I Know Him So Well! Just superb. It really does sound like The Shads from c.1967! Gorgeous guitar tone and nice controlled cymbal splash to end.

ANGEL – Really jogs along almost in a Bossa Nova style, nice use of the DeArmond pedal too. Martin just seems to be playing maracas and tambourine continuo throughout.

I THINK OF YOU – Beautifully beguiling and bewitching. A masterly arrangement and a superb performance by all concerned.

IF YOU LOVE ME – Shades of Edith Piaf, Anne Shelton and Vera Lynn etc. A 1954 torch song classic given a big instrumental makeover in fine style. Martin seems to be playing ride/ hi-hat throughout. Sort of ends like Telstar!

LESSONS IN LOVE – Lovely song from The Young Ones. Exquisite performance with lots of fantastic nuances.

I'M SORRY SUZANNE – Hollies' lead guitar supremo Tony Hicks was a big Hank B Marvin fan, so very fitting that one of their breezy but classy pop hits is turned into an equally fine, breezy instrumental. Tony's solos were always a major part of those Hollies '60s classics.

THUNDERBOLT – A nice pounding number featuring some splendid bass noodling from Chris.

SERENADE – Originally a classical piece from crossover superstar, violinist David Garrett. The original is a simple romance by Franz Schubert so this sublime arrangement must all be down to Terry, Chris and Martin. It is magnificent – just heart achingly beautiful. Sheer class. Sheer taste. Sheer style. What a wonderful way to end this superb collection of tracks.

Terry, Chris and Martin have each spent 50 years or more devoted to developing their craft. They are all top class musicians. Moreover, they are all passionately committed to this style of playing – and it shows. The years spent honing their playing and performing together mean that there is a remarkable tightness to their ensemble performances, almost a mysterious sixth sense. The fact that they all know that they can rely upon each other totally actually frees up any performance to any incredible degree, giving them all total confidence to be expressive yet without being horribly over-indulgent. It is something very special and somehow shines through in all of these tracks as the playing somehow goes beyond the notes and into the very heart of the music itself. This is a fabulous collection of tracks – all superbly arranged and immaculately played with complete freedom and panache, yet in a powerfully controlled way. Absolutely brilliant. This is my Pipeline Album Of The Year and (IMHO) it will take some beating. To the Cover Notes I say "Many thanks guys" and "Respect!"There was urgency to complete this project when Chris Jarvis' cancer returned with a brutal vengeance. He sadly passed away in February 2016. This CD is a fitting testament to his brilliant bass playing. Rob Bradford


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