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This Pete Korving album is fab - u - lous, it is pure Pete on a disc and I don't mind saying, in my opinion, his best so far!


Pete heard a simple, rough demo track of a song called Moon Over China written by Fred Sammelius. Pete loved the track and started to arrange and produce the song to Fred's delight. Fred Sammelius, was so impressed with the results he composed 12 more tracks. With Fred's compositions and Pete's talent and passion they created this wonderful album of original songs.
Moon Over China is a superb album and offers that wonderful familiar yet exciting guitar sound over some unfamiliar yet brilliantly written songs. There is a perfect balance of rocketing guitar and mid temp Shadowness perfection.Well done Fred and Pete!!!

I truly don't wish this to offend anyone, but this is the type of album I imagine Hank making if he wanted to leave 'covers' for an album or two. You see why I don't get asked to review for Pipeline Mag haha. 


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